Manage the Upper Dwelling!

How do I tell a Turk something about God when he can only think about his house in Turkey?How can I bridge the gap?


A Kurd Amongst Kurds

A Kurd Amongst Kurds After an action-packed life as a fighter in the mountains of northern Irak, Dilshad is now serving his countrymen. He is an associate staff member who is working as an unpaid volunteer at MEOS Svizzera. It is very important for him to be transmitting the good news of Jesus Christ to others. Dilshad, you sought shelter under the “roof” of MEOS Svizzera. Why?   Before I decided to join MEOS, I had already been presenting the Gospel to interested persons. Then I heard about ...


New Beginnings by Telephone

Last June, Mrs. Y. from the Tamil church TCF – The Christian Fellowship was baptized. This happened after many conversations, a comprehensive Bible study and intensive counseling – which all happend on the telephone. MEOS staff member Antony Joseph experienced this firsthand. “May I speak to your wife?“ the phone rings. The caller from western Switzerland asks me to connect her to my wife. The unknown women introduces herself and soon begins to...