- Celebration 2015: Celebrating in God's Colorful House

Celebration 2015: Celebrating in God's Colorful House

Service in Berne: Worshiping the Creator beyond Language and Cultural Frontiers

The worship band "Comunidade Evangélica International" from Zurich carried out the worship time with verve, but also with great sensitivity. You could feel the excitement for Jesus Christ in Factory Hall 12 in Berne: wholehearted singing, intensive prayer, laughter, tears and many people who joyfully hugged each other during the programme.

Oh, Happy Day

"Sharing Lives" and "Sharing Jesus" are the key phrases of AGiK (the Intercultural Task Force of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance SEA). "We want to eat, celebrate and share our lives with each other", says Christof Kräuchi, "and show how people can speak about Jesus." ­

Tools were presented for talks, courses and Bible study, and included comics for asylum seekers and migrants. One representative of an organization regretted that missions for foreigners receive little support. He observed that "Many would rather donate to emergency relief rather than to missions."

During the event, people continued to testify about their experience with Jesus, often interrupted by shouts of "Hallelujah!" or "Thank you, Jesus!" in all languages. A current prayer matter was the wish for Jesus to appear to the IS fighters as light and truth.  

"It's so beautiful to be in God's house!" said the lead singer of the band. Her joy for Jesus was truly contagious.

Autor & Bild: Thomas Feuz