- A Chilean Supports Migration Churches

A Chilean Supports Migration Churches

The SEA working group “interkulturell” has hired a director on a regular basis for the first time. By setting down its leadership structures, this group in charge of migration topics wants to be able to serve people and churches more effectively, particularly in the current times.



Zürich. 8 September 2015 (th) – Since September 1st, the Swiss-Chilean dual national Ricardo Serrano has been coordinating the activities of “interkulturell” in a 50% job. The 48-year-old insurance consultant has been active in Portuguese-language migrant churches for seven years together with his wife, and has been a member of a culturally mixed evangelical church in Zurich for the past two years. Since 2009, he has been publishing the magazine Mundo Gospel, which he is using to encourage and network the Christian Latinos in Switzerland. In the meantime, Serrano has extended his ministry to other migration churches. “I am intercultural myself. I would like to serve, support and promote the intercultural community in Switzerland with my migration background“, says Serrano.

“interkulturell” is a working group of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance and the Réseau évangélique suisse (SEA.RES). The working group offers support for questions regarding cooperation and integration of foreign Christians into churches and Christian organizations. It provides background information on the worldwide migration movement and draws attention to educational opportunities, even offering courses itself when necessary.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Marc Jost, General Secretary SEA, 076 206 57 57

The Swiss Evangelical Alliance SEA/Réseau évangélique suisse RES is a Christian movement in Switzerland. Around 630 state and free churches as well as over 200 Christian organizations belong to it. SEA has an estimated membership of 250,000. SEA is one of 128 evangelical alliances worldwide with an estimated total membership of around 600 million like-minded persons.  

Dr. Wilf Gasser, Bern, 079 645 29 44, wi.gasser@bluewin.ch

Co-President (Romandie):
Norbert Valley, Delley, 079 250 24 79, norbert.valley@bluewin.ch

General Secretary (Association):
Marc Jost, Thun, 076 206 57 57, mjost@each.ch

General Secretary (Church + GL):
Matthias Spiess, Zürich, 043 344 72 00, mspiess@each.ch

Secretary Romandie:
Christian Kuhn, Bellerive, 079 343 59 86, chrikuhn@gmail.ch

Thomas Hanimann, Zürich, 043 366 60 82, thanimann@each.ch