- New Beginnings by Telephone

New Beginnings by Telephone

Last June, Mrs. Y. from the Tamil church TCF – The Christian Fellowship was baptized. This happened after many conversations, a comprehensive Bible study and intensive counseling – which all happend on the telephone. MEOS staff member Antony Joseph experienced this firsthand.


"May I speak to your wife?"

The phone rings. The caller from western Switzerland asks me to connect her to my wife. This unknown woman introduces herself and soon begins to talk about her family problems. "Someone told me that Jesus would help me if I called out his name. How should I do that?" My wife Deborah explains several things to her and prays with her on the phone. Later, we include the woman in our prayers at our regular prayer meetings. She is afraid of the consequences if her husband, a devout Hindu, would find out that she has contact with us and prays to Jesus.

How it continued

“Could you teach me on the phone?” Deborah agreed to do that and so they had a weekly Bible study together. By and by, Mrs. Y started to believe in Jesus, even though it was in secret. Because she was so eager to learn more about God’s Word, my wife spent many hours with her on the phone. After some time, Mrs. Y’s knowledge of God increased and she took a further step. She attended the church service whenever possible, also in Lausanne.This all took place without her husband’s knowledge. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">

Relationship Crisis and a New Beginning

The family issues had increased in the meantime and the couple separated. Despite that, Mrs. Y. continued to study the Bible and prayed for a good solution. She even wanted to get baptized. The baptism instruction was also done over the phone, because there was no other way to do it. Mrs. Y. took the biblical teaching very seriously and prior to the baptism, she contacted her husband and several relatives. She confessed her bitterness to them and apologized for all of her mistakes. She was truly prepared for a life with Jesus Christ.


She finally came to Zurich and we were then able to baptize her last June. The TCF church praised and worshiped God when it heard how this woman had come to faith. She later participated at a summer Bible camp in Zweisimmen. She also spoke with her separated husband and explained to him what she now believes and that she would follow Jesus and goes to church. She told h im that she would forgive everything and was prepared to live with him again if he did not hinder her from believing in Jesus. Her husband promised that and so the couple was reunited. We hope that the husband will also get to know God's word someday through his wife's living testimony.

More Work

Mrs. Y. began to tell her relatives about her life. In cases of broken marriags, she pointed to Jesus. Through her we gained two new contacts with people who also wanted to hear the Word of God. My wife is gettin gmore and more work, because she has a gift for advising and teaching with wisdom. In the meantime, we are in contact with several people who are following Jesus secretly. We need lots of wisdom from God to do the right thing in these situations.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd

There are many "lost sheep" and they all need the "good shepherd". We sow the Word with tears and expect great harvests. That's why your partnership is important, both in prayer as well as financial giving for our mission.

May God bless you ...

Antony with Deborah Joseph 


Quelle: MEOS (aus mein Nächster 6/10)

Author: Henriette Ludwig