- AGiK Forum – a Foretaste of Heaven

AGiK Forum – a Foretaste of Heaven

The AGiK Forum is a special event. It's where Swiss and foreigners, pastors and intercultural workers meet and get new impulses, can exchange ideas and experiences as well as meet people from different cultures.


Prayer without Borders

The AGiK Forum took place on April 28 in Zurich statt. The Intercultural Working Group (AGiK) hosted this event. This year, it was a prayer meeting with the motto "Prayer without borders". Around 300 people, including children and youths, came from all over Switzerland to attend this event. The participants dealt with the topic of the "Our Father" prayer. The different topical sections of this well-known prayer were handled in 20 to 45-minute blocks and then implemented by different inputs, video clips, testimonies, a time of praise and worship, individual and group prayers. Zeugnisse.


Heaven is intercultural

Carl Hardmeier made a key statement: "Heaven is intercultural." He based his statement on a verse in Revelation, where John describes how people from different nations and with different languages stand before God's throne and praise Him. In a similar way, this year's AGiK Forum provided the participants with a foretaste of heaven. The number of languages at the event was demonstrated by the different language groups and in the final part of the event when the participants were encouraged to pray "Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory" in their own language. The German speakers were clearly a minority.


Good Programme MIx 

THe organizers managed to assemble a good mix of worship, information, encouragement and prayer in well-arranged timeframes. Participants were actively integrated into the programme and contributed to the event's success. At the end, Samuel Kopp, a member of the AGiK management, stated that there would probably another prayer event like this one next year. He said this on the basis of the positive experiences during the day.


Ideal Framework

The venue was the Centre for Migration Churches in Zurich, where churches from different nations of the world regularly meet. Clearly this was an ideal place to hold an intercultural event such as the AGiK Forum. The hall would have had space for many more visitors. Thanks to the wonderful weather, everyone was able to have lunch outside in the square amongst the blooming flower beds. There was a choice of two specialties from different countries. The participants made good use of the mealtime for lively conversations.


Urs Staedeli

MEOS Svizzera

Author: Henriette L. Ludwig