- A Kurd Amongst Kurds

A Kurd Amongst Kurds

A Kurd Amongst Kurds

After an action-packed life as a fighter in the mountains of northern Irak, Dilshad is now serving his countrymen. He is an associate staff member who is working as an unpaid volunteer at MEOS Svizzera. It is very important for him to be transmitting the good news of Jesus Christ to others.

Dilshad, you sought shelter under the “roof” of MEOS Svizzera. Why?  

Before I decided to join MEOS, I had already been presenting the Gospel to interested persons. Then I heard about MEOS Svizzera and contacted them. I was very interested to work together with other missionaries.  Today, I’m happy I joined, especially because of their intercultural commitment.

Where do you find your contrymen?

I visit refugee centers all over Switzerland. I also receive information through missionaries and families who are believers. That’s how I meet my countrymen and can contact them.

Why did you come to Switzerland?

It wasn’t really my plan, it was God’s. My only goal was to reach a European country. I did that through a “smuggler” who brought me to Switzerland – I had absolutely no idea where I was. The only thing he told me was: “This is a safe country for you.”

What do you personally like about Switzerland?

The safety and beauty of the country as well as Swiss culture. In the meantime, I also married a nice Swiss lady.

You are involved in a number of activities. Can you say something about them?


Work at “Spiis & Gwand” in Oftringen

“Spiis & Gwand” (Food and Clothing) is a support service. This March, we are celebrating our 5th anniversary. We help needy people, without exception, whether they are Swiss or foreigners. We’re here for everybody. We offer all sorts of assistance, for example advice, help with tax forms, providing food, clothing and children’s items, and offer counseling. An important activity is transmitting God’s word. There are many volunteers working on this project. We are currently helping about 120 needy families in the area.  

Kurd Meeting Point Olten

The Kurdish church didn’t have a fixed meeting location until the start of this year. Thanks to God and the help of friends, we now have a room available at the Friedenskirche Olten. We meet there twice a month, once for a service and once for Bible study. I hope that more Kurds will come here to hear God’s word.


I receive mandates from several organizations to translate biblical texts. Up to now, I was able to do several tracts and booklets. Now I’m working on translating a study guide for the gospel of John from Arabic to Kurdish. We have very little evangelical materiaI in the Kurdish language.

Radio Shows

ERF International produces daily 15-minute shows in Kurdish-Sorani as well as short devotionals for the telephone. I was recently asked to make some recordings in Switzerland. I said yes and it was transmitted to Germany via Radio Life Channel. We wanted to bring God’s word to my people through that broadcast.

What are your hobbies?

I am a passionate cook, I like woodworking, computers and technical things. One of my favorite pastimes is reading, as well as walking and enjoying the landscape.

What do you wish for yourself?

I would be glad to have less physical pain, especially in my back. One wish would be that the Kurds could have their own country, but primarily that they could also know peace in Jesus.

Talking to Dilshad Tofik

Source: MEOS (from the magazine mein Nächster 2/11)