- In Love, But Worlds Apart

In Love, But Worlds Apart

In January, FamilyLife carried out a seminar for intercultural couples for the first time. A total of seventeen Swiss men and women, single or married, attended with their partner from countries such as Ghana, Guatemala, the Philippines, Cuba, Brazil or Morocco.

The attractive contrasts apparently not only have the potential for conflicts, but are also a constant incentive to grow in the relationship, as the main speakers Dr. Eberhard and Claudia Mühlan (Team F, Germany) outlined. They reduced the challenges of otherness down to a very simple statement: individual culture meets collective culture. In their reports on their marriage experiences, the two other binational couples who spoke at the event emphasized how only a true mutual acceptance smooths the way to a new way together. At the same time, the speakers wove their personal experience and relationship with the living God of the Bible into their accounts in a very sensitive way.

All of the personal encounters on the day were characterized by extraordinary dignity. We were so surprised when even Moslems and atheists lay down their burdens under the symbol of the Christian cross or lit a light of hope at the end of the event. In the meantime, over 40% of marriages in Switzerland are between partners of different nationalities (information from BFS Swiss Statistics). What intercultural couples can learn, namely, to be enhanced into a unity despite their differences, is something that can benefit any couple. The Swiss couples of the FamilyLife Team who participated at the event experienced this themselves. This seminar is sure to be carried out again next year.  


Quotes from participants: 

  • “Super, I don’t have to deny my own identity”
  • “Saludos a todos de FamilyLife y gracias por el seminario de parejas - me ayudo mucho.” [Greetings to everyone from FamilyLife and thanks for the couples seminar – it is a great help.]
  • “It was a very interesting and informative seminar with excellent speakers. I can highly recommend it.”