- Opinions on and from the AGiK Event "Colors of Worship"

Opinions on and from the AGiK Event "Colors of Worship"

"I have been living in Switzerland for the last 18 years. It has become my second home. God means everything to me and it is important for me to be able to worship Him in church in my own language, the language with which I got to know Him. There are many churches, but they are often empty. I wish that here in Switzerland, more people would start going to church again."
Guerda Schlatter do Nascimento from Brazil (30), Greifensee ZH

"I've only been in Switzerland since last September and I really enjoy it. I went to the ICF for a while and am now attending an African church, because I sing in the worship team and because they speak English there. For those of us who are new to a country, the biggest problem is the language. Integration has to start somewhere and that's where my African church helps me. I wish the churches would work together more."
Peter Adhola from Kenya (29), Bülach ZH

"I'm the leader of the 'Oikos Tamil Church' in Zürich. We have Tamil and Indian members. The Tamil churches have been around since 1991 and now exist in seven different locations in Switzerland. We speak to Tamil immigrants about Jesus, give them Bibles and help them. Every Friday, we also pray for Switzerland and that the people here would become Christian." 
R. Mahendran
from Sri Lanka (52), Niederweningen ZH

"I have been in Switzerland for 35 years and feel well integrated. Although I speak German very well, I like to hear and read about God in my mother tongue. Being together with my compatriots and talking about God is like a piece of home for me. That's very important. But I also like to attend a Swiss church or an ecumenical service, because we all belong together in God."  
Soonja Kim from Korea (54), Freiburg FR