- The way we work

The way we work

AGiK\'s goal is that "foreigners and Swiss amongst Swiss and foreigners in Switzerland live according to the Gospel and spread it."

This should happen in a partnership. Foreign as well as Swiss Christians have a lot to give to each other. Our foreign population and "co-missionaries" should be accompanied and encouraged to participate in spreading the Gospel in Switzerland according to their competencies. Missionary life in Switzerland is something that concerns the entire body of Christ, no matter where its members come from.

AGiK spent its first two years (2004-06) working on internal networking and planning. Its starting point was defined in the document "AGiK - Profile 2004".

It is practically implemented in three core processes, each of which are connected to the different origins and religious communities and are supported by permanent or temporary teams or projects:

  • Multicultural initiatives and church promotion: Churches and groups of every origin and mix are encouraged to live the multicultural reality of God\'s kingdom in its many different forms and compositions, credibly and with benefit
  • Theological-strategical reflection: The common identity is rooted in God\'s word and action; joint reflection on and seeking a culturally relevant expression of Christian life here and now promotes mutual appreciation, cooperation and unity.
  • Migration and integration process - Counselling: Individuals of any background as well as Christian churches receive help with questions regarding integration in social, legal and practical areas.