- The AGiK Platform for Networking and Co-operation

The AGiK Platform for Networking and Co-operation

AGiK supports evangelical Christians, national and free evangelical churches and ministries:
  • with information on available competencies and resources in churches and missions (e.g. returnees from mission duty, foreign missionaries/pastors/ international contacts etc., material)
  • with conferences, workshops, training in churches, counselling
  • with an Internet site containing links to topics/help/resources

AGiK - a task group

of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA) and its competency centre, specialising in matters of integration and migration as well as intercultural missions work in Switzerland. AGiK is supported in its cultural focus by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelischer Missionen (AEM; Working Group of the Evangelical Missions).

AGiK - fruitfully bringing together Christian churches and immigration issues!


Author: Martin Voegelin
Translation: Henriette Ludwig