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Dreamland Switzerland

For many foreigners, Switzerland is a dreamland. A new film, "Traumland Schweiz" (Dreamland Switzerland) examines the topic and the successful integration of different people. The film is also meant to communicate our country's "spiritual culture". What does the film have to do with MEOS and what is needed until it can be released?


The Film Project

A few months ago, MEOS was more or less handed something very special on a silver platter:  Marc Villiger and Tom Sommer, who produced the successful film "More Than Chocolate and Cheese", have been working on a new project for some time, a film about immigrants. This film is geared towards introducing foreigners to the culture and values of our country. People with an immigrant background tell their personal story in the film and illustrate how their integration into Switzerland has been succeessful. The film communicates the deeper issues that the immigrants deal with and why they project a thankful and open attitude. Because the origins and background of our faith is very important to us Christians, the film also mentions that Switzerland, as well as the foreigners themselves, has a "spiritual culture" which has developed over a longer period of time. The film can be used everywhere where organisations are working with asylum-seekers and immigrants. It is a good tool to reach people with an immigrant background and to "prepare the ground" for introducing foreigners to the Gospel.


Why this DVD?

Imagine this situation: You meet an foreigner and get into a conversation. In this chat, you can't say everything you would like to say. The conversation may take a different turn or you might not have enough time. Another scenario might be that you meet a foreigner whose language you don't speak or don't know well enough. With this film, you will get a tool which briefly explains Switzerland's culture and spiritual background. Five people with different backgrounds explain how they have integrated into Swiss society. The film is not only in Swiss German dialect, but also synchronized in the most important languages of the immigrant groups. The DVD cover is intentionally designed to create a link to the DVD "More Than Chocolate and Cheese".


Funding the Film

The MEOS management had a very positive attitude towards this project and decided to support it and be the primary coordinator. We did have to admit that a film project such as this one greatly exceeded our financial possibilities. We therefore decided that we had to be able to do it without support from the MEOS constituents. You can watch the trailer on the website www.traumlandschweiz.ch which was specially set up for the film. In the following months, we will be collecting all of the necessary information and preparing a brochure as well as be looking for further finances to produce the other language versions and the DVDs themselves. We still need help with the translations, voice-over, commentary, studio and burning the DVDs. Please help us finish production of the film "Traumland Schweiz". You can help us either with a donation or by pre-ordering the DVD at the subscription price. Further informationen can be found at: www.traumlandschweiz.ch


Contents of the DVD

Along with the film, there's also bonus material: two extensive, personal reports by the protagonists of the main film and the famous "Jesus" film, which tells Jesus's story according to the gospel of Luke. Next to the original languages, all parts of the film should be released in the main languages used in the work with immigrants.


Format: DVD

Length of main film: 30 minutes


A Gift of God

I think it's just great what our God thinks of and prepares for us. This film is like a gift of God for me for the MEOS 50-year anniversary.


Pietro Canonica

Director MEOS


Watch the trailer and pre-order the DVD: