- Film "Dreamland Switzerland" launched

Film "Dreamland Switzerland" launched

Now is the time: After two years of intensive production, the DVD "Dreamland Switzerland" was launched on July 3, 2014 . This important event was celebrated at the MEOS headquarters together with the two producers, Marc Villiger and Tom Sommer, and three of the film's performers.

The 30-minute film by the makers of "More than Chocolate and Cheese" presents characteristics of Switzerland and lets five people with a migrant background tell the story of their integration. The film also prompts conversation by addressing many typicaly Swiss topics and raising questions about faith. Ruckey Oluwajuwon from Nigeria, one of the five persons, portrayed, was very happy about the final version of the film and hopes that many people will be made aware of belief in Jesus.  

The Real Work Has Only Just Begun

Martin Sägesser and Pietro Canonica from MEOS emphasized in their speeches that the real work has only just begun. The DVD, which is meant for immigrants who have just moved to Switzerland, now needs to be distributed.  

"Dreamland Switzerland" provides you with a unique opportunity to welcome foreigners in your area and make a personal contact. Help them to understand the "Dreamland Switzerland" better and to feel understood by using these personal testimonies.

The DVD contains the film in six languages (with voice-over) and with subtitles in eight more languages. You can watch two detailed testimonies of faith in the bonus section, as well as the Jesus film in 16 languages.

You can see the trailer at www.traumlandschweiz.ch. DVDs can also be ordered there. Or you can contact MEOS:
Tel. 044 320 00 46

Jessica Meier