A MIlestone in Intercultural Work for Children and Youths

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Dear Friends

Do you know about migrant churches in Switzerland, who carry out Sunday schools, baptisms, camps and other activities with 30 children and youths? Or do you think that work with children and teenagers in international churches is often difficult? Both Statements are correct.

For the third time, delegates from children's and youth associations gathered for the annual meeting of Kids & Youths interkulturell in Aarau. This year, representatives from migrant churches who are committed to working with children and teenagers attended for the first time. Representatives from the Eritrean, African, Tamil and Spanish churches reported on their situation and presented a scarcely tended field of activity to the delegates of the other associations. Whilst many leaders of migrant churches would like to receive training for work with youths and children, there were also offers mady by the international churches, for example: "We can organize missions abroad in Sri Lanka for your youths."

During the exchanges, the advantages of Sunday School teaching in two languages (mother tongue and German) as well as a possible cooperation of associations, local churches and migrant churches were discussed. One wish has already been carried out: at the beginning of November, Kinder im Fokus (KIFO; Children in Focus) offered their conference with Tigrinya, Spanish, French and Tamil Interpreters. The participants at the annual Meeting were more than happy about this and registered for the conference.  

We are pleased that a first milestone has been set for a joint mandate for children and youths in Switzerland. Kids & Youths interkulturell is engaged with helping young migrants to (re)discover belief in Christ and to supporting leaders in this area.

Anna Degen
Leader Kids & Youths interkulturell and member of the AGiK Leadership Team

News from the Leadership Team


New Name

After the call in the last newsletter and the termination of the deadline (end October), we have received a number of interesting and original proposals for the new name. We would like to thank everyone who participated for their efforts. The leadership team has not yet decided on the new name. We feel that the word "intercultural" (which corresponds to the "ik" in the previous Name AGiK) should be contained in some form or another in the new name. This word can also be translated into other languages very well.

Coordination Office

We are in contact with persons who are interested in working in the Coordination Office (part-time job). At the same time, we are looking for funding for this position. We hope that we can find a solution with partners, further sponsors and a personal circle of supporters.

ik Staff Day

The ik Staff Day of 19 November will already be history when you receive this newsletter. On that day, everyone who is active full-time or part-time in a Christian intercultural task had the opportunity to reflect on their task and to get to know each other better. In doing so, we hope to create a dynamism in intercultural Christian missions which rests on joint resources - resources which are made available as well as which are used. For the first time, this day was carried out in two languages.


The next big Celebration will be taking place on  25 April 2015 Berne. Detailed information will be provided in due course. The Celebration should be an international expression of the body of Christ, in the world and also in Switzerland. An intercultural and international team is preparing this Celebration. Please reserve this date already.

I would like to thank all newsletter recipients for your interest and am prepared to reply to any questions on this topic which you might have.

Kind regards and blessings to you

Martin Saegesser
Interim Head of AGiK (which will soon have a new name)