Multicultural, even behind the Scenes

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We didn't even know each other and we were supposed to prepare the programme for the AGiK Celebration 2015 together. Would that work out?

"We", that's Abdeltif from Morocco, Ekramy from Egypt, Guillaume from Congo, Julio from Cuba, Paulraj with a Tamil background and myself. Only Paulraj was born in Switzerland. The multicultural aspect of the Celebration began behind the scenes. 

After an introductory round, we spent a long time in prayer. When we exchanged our impressions, we felt as if there was a unity led by God, in a way I have never experienced before. Someone told the story of how a North African met Jesus, and, suddenly, we landed at the story of the disciples in Emmaus (Luke 24). It was clear to us all that this story was the key theme for the day.

The testimonies and the workshops are linked to the manner in which Jesus is perceived in this story; we will talk together like the disciples, eat, celebrate communion and much, much more.   

Paulraj writes: 

"We are inviting you to this special day, where Christians from different cultural backgrounds will gather from all over Switzerland to praise God. We are called in Jesus Christ to be underway like the two disciples who walked to Emmaus and whose eyes were veiled because of the events. Jesus in his mercy appeared to them and removed the veil which kept them from seeing Jesus.
Celebration 2015 is the ideal opportunity to get a preview of God's kingdom."

I'm sure we have tweaked your interest for the Celebration. Why don't you just participate on 25th April in Berne or, even better, come with Christians from other cultures who live in your neighborhood or area.

The Evangelical Alliance Berne is making a wonderful effort so that this intercultural event for all of Switzerland can be carried out there. 

You will find more information in the Celebration Flyer and on the AGiK website: Celebration 2015

Paulraj Kanthia and Johannes Müller

Intercultural event on 25th April 2015 in Bern

Celebration 2015

“Together on the way with Jesus” – under this motto, Christians from different cultures and nations living in Switzerland will meet on Saturday 25th April in Bern. We will praise God, pray together...