- New Coordinator of “Interkulturell” Introduces Himself

New Coordinator of “Interkulturell” Introduces Himself

Hello, Hallo, Salü, Ciao, Hola, Ola

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am very happy to be working as the new coordinator for the SEA’s ik working group “interkulturell” and would like to briefly introduce myself.
I was born on August 10, 1967 in Santiago de Chile and have been living in Switzerland for around 30 years, together with my wife Juliana Serrano, who was born on March 10, 1977 in Brazil, and our daughter Gabriela, born in Switzerland on September 5, 2005. We have been married for 10 years and live in Arni, in the canton of Aargau. All of us have a Swiss passport and are an intercultural Family, living in Switzerland and with its roots abroad.
After having worked in restaurants for many years, where I began as a waiter and later was business manager and lease holder, I switched to the insurance sector, working as a consultant.
With my new life and my regular visits to God’s church, I changed and wanted to start something new. What I mean is that I didn’t want to do anything else except be a human tool of Jesus Christ. I wanted to serve Jesus Christ and in that way, after much prayer, I received the vision with Mundo Gospel for Switzerland.
Mundo Gospel is/was a magazine and Internet site in Spanish and Portuguese that first appeared in 2009. Its main goal was to provide information to the Christian Latino community. Other goals were soon added, such as promoting unity among the Latinos as well as linking migration churches and Swiss churches together.
The first issue was distributed in only 13 churches in the city of Zurich. Two years later, and with Livenet as a partner, we reached around 70 churches all over Switzerland. The magazine was also distributed in Latino businesses (hairdressers, beauty centers, Latino shops etc.), to proclaim the Gospel to unchurched persons.
In my first years as a Christian, we as a family visited a Brazilian church, first for three years in Zurich and then for 4 years in Lucerne. We have been members of the city church in Zurich for two years now, a Swiss church with a large intercultural community. Not only Swiss German is spoken there, but also English, Spanish, and Portuguese, which are no longer foreign languages in this church.
Together with my wife, I was always active in all of these churches. We not only attended all of the seminars and training courses for church members, but were also active in the kitchen and worked there, as well as at the reception area, with the children, in the leadership team, organizing events etc. All of this moved and also motivated us to expand our work with different people and cultures.
In my entire professional career, I always had jobs where the focus was on people and serving them. That is certainly the reason why I applied for this position. I am intercultural myself; I have not only been living here for many years, but also come from another country, so I know both sides. I would like to serve, support and promote the intercultural Christian community in Switzerland with my migration background. I am happy to carry out this work with you and look forward to working together with each and every one of you.

See you soon…
God bless you
            Gott segne Sie
                        Que Dieu vous bénisse
                                    Dio vi benedica
                                                Dios los bendiga
                                                          Deus os abençõe

Ricardo Serrano