- A New Name - A New Logo

A New Name - A New Logo

A few months ago, we asked our friends to suggest a new name for AGiK, and we received many interesting proposals. Our great thanks go to everyone who participated. We really appreciate your active input! We spent a lot of time thinking about and reflecting on the new name. In the end, a brilliant idea came from within our own ranks.

AGiK is Now interkulturell/interculturell

The new name is similar to the previous one, although the "ik" is no longer abbreviated, but spelled out and can be used the same way in French.

We have added the slogan "connect, educate, advise" to the new logo, because that is what we want to do: connect everyone who is active in the Christian intercultural sector. With courses and training, we want to educate people about the topic as well as provide advice when requested.

Interkulturell/interculturel is a working group of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance and Réseau Evangélique. This is visible by using the same graphical style as other SEA and RES publications.