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Jesus proclaimed that he - as the one shepherd - would gather all who know him together so that there would be one flock (John 10:14-16). Christians in Switzerland today come from the different countries and cultures. How can we become one flock? How can someone experience this? 

Michael Mutzner, Deputy General Secretary of the Reseau Evangelique Suisse (RES, the Evangelical Alliance of the French-speaking part of Switzerland) and new member of the AGiK leadership team, describes this vision as follows:

At the latest World Evangelization Congress of the Lausanne movement in Cape Town, the key topic was  reconciliation. The Swiss delegation which participated at the conference defined four areas where reconciliation and unity are particularly necessary within Swiss society – primarily regarding the relationship between the Swiss and immigrants. It is important that the body of Christ in Switzerland should lead the way, with Christian churches from different cultural backgrounds doing more networking with each other. These networks promote the awareness that together we are one people, joined by one God, and that we have a common mission which is based on the vision of God for his people.

These deliberations prompted the Swiss Evangelical Alliance and the Reseau evangelique suisse to organize a joint celebration together in 2014 together with  AgiK, Celebration 2014. This festival should have a prophetic reverberation: We testify that we are one people, that we have a common God and that we wish to develop a common vision  for our task in this country. In order to do this, we will stand before God together and worship him, lay before him our desires for Switzerland, experience true fellowship and hear encouraging testimonies from intercultural projects. Thus, we hope to encourage each other to help get the necessary intercultural processes started. In doing so, we also hope to get a foretaste of a community which breaks cultural boundaries.

You are cordially invited to spend this day with us.

  „Celebration 2014“ on 10 May in Biel

    • You will find all information about the joint Celebration of AGiK, SEA and RES on 10 May 2014 on the Flyer.
    • Encourage Christians from different cultures and churches to join you on this day. 
    • You can order printed flyers for distribution and to use as invitations at
    • Further information can be found at the AGiK Website under:

Kind regards and see you soon,

Johannes Müller Michael Mutzner

 Members of the AGiK Leadership Team

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Swiss Delegation at the Cape Town Congress

In the statement above, Michael Mutzner mentioned the World Evangelization Congress in Cape Town (Lausanne III) . The Swiss delegation took stock of the event and has published a study. One of the four points, which deals with the relationships to and amongst immigrants, is particularly relevant for AGiK. This review is now also available on the AGiK Webseite: Direktlink.

Report of the Swiss Delegation at the Lausanne III Congress

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