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A New Name - A New Logo

A few months ago, we asked our friends to suggest a new name for AGiK, and we received many interesting proposals. Our great thanks go to everyone who participated. We really appreciate your active input! We spent a lot of time thinking about and reflecting on the new name. In the end, a brilliant idea came from within our own ranks. AGiK is Now interkulturell/interculturell The new name is similar to the previous one, although the "ik" is no longer abbreviated, but spelled out and ...


Celebration 2015: Celebrating in God's Colorful House

Service in Berne: Worshiping the Creator beyond Language and Cultural Frontiers The worship band "Comunidade Evangélica International" from Zurich carried out the worship time with verve, but also with great sensitivity. You could feel the excitement for Jesus Christ in Factory Hall 12 in Berne: wholehearted singing, intensive prayer, laughter, tears and many people who joyfully hugged each other during the programme. Oh, Happy Day "Sharing Lives" and "Sharing ...


The way we work

AGiK – Goals + the way we work


Our Vision

A platform for Christian intercultural co-operation


The AGiK Platform for Networking and Co-operation

AGiK supports evangelical Christians, national and free evangelical churches and ministries: